At B2Holding, we act professionally and meet every stakeholder with respect. We strive to help debtors back on track, and we aim for best practice in all our activities. 

B2Holding is made up of companies that each possesses extensive experience and well-established reputation in their respective local markets. By conducting our business and sharing our values, we believe we will contribute to well-functioning credit markets in the countries in which we operate. 

Within B2Holding, we define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the responsibility we must take every single day to ensure that we build, maintain and win the privilege of mutual trust from our stakeholders while performing our business. 

We are aware that we in our follow-up of debtors, have to take care of not just our own reputation but also that of a bank or other vendor. In B2Holding we therefore strive to uphold the highest ethical standards in our approach to dealing with debtors, and we seek to find amicable and realistic payment plans. This approach is highly valued by vendors, who can be confident that their former customers will be treated fairly. 

UN Global Compact

The United Nation's Global Compact on socially responsible business practices is based on ten principles that are grouped within the following four areas: Human rights. Labour standards. Environment. Anti-corruption.

Within B2Holding, this is the framework we have worked with when initiating the centrally coordinated compliance function and also centrally coordinated CSR policy. 

We believe in

  • Acting professionally
  • Helping debtors back on track
  • Aiming for best practice