Dividend policy

B2Holding ASA’s (“the Company”) objective is to create long-term sustainable value for its owners, through competitive return in the form of dividend, share buyback programmes and increases in the share price over time.

The Dividend Policy assumes that the Company at all times have a solid balance sheet and liquidity reserve that is sufficient to meet future liabilities and a balanced reserve for business opportunities.   
The Dividend Policy forms the basis for the Board’s proposals to the Annual General Meeting on cash dividend payments or authorisation for payment of dividend on one or several occasions based on the last audited financial accounts.

B2Holding will target a distribution to its shareholders for a financial year of 20-50% of profit after tax on a consolidated basis in terms of the aggregated amount of dividend pay-out and distribution in kind of share buy-back programs of treasury shares. Distributions through dividends or share buy-back programs can only be initiated by the Board of Directors based on an authorisation from the General Meeting applicable for one or several occasions limited to the framework of the latest annual accounts.

The Board will consider and assure that the Group’s capital adequacy is at a satisfactory level after a prudent assessment of the need for preserving capital for market opportunities and improving the Group’s financial liquidity resilience and financial solidity.  

B2Holding maintains one class of shares. Each share carries one vote, and all shares carry equal rights including the right to receive dividend and participate and vote in General Meetings.

The Company will always have a clear and predictable Dividend Policy established and revised annually by the Board.