Subscription of shares (BTOH)


According to the authorization granted by the General Meeting 26 June 2015, on 18 January 2016 the Board of Directors resolved to increase the share capital by NOK 5 714.40, divided into 57 114 shares at par value NOK 0.10 per share. The CEO is invited to subscribe for 35 715 and the Chairman of the Board for 21 429 shares at a subscription price of NOK 14.00 per share. The shares must be subscribed within 1 February 2016. The capital increase will be registered in The Register of Business Enterprises.

After these transactions, Chairman of the Board John Harald Nordbrekken holds 26 088 496 shares directly and indirectly, and CEO Olav Dalen Zahl and his close associates hold 2 546 116 shares.