Information relating to alleged Data security breach in Croatia

B2Holding ASA's subsidiary in Croatia, B2 Kapital d.o.o., received notice on 4 
May 2023 from the Croatian Data Protection Agency, AZOP, of a fine against the 
subsidiary on grounds of alleged breaches with GDPR regulations. The fine 
amounts to EUR 2,265,000. 
B2Holding as a Group works to the highest standards in environmental, social, 
governance and regulatory matters, and attend to any alleged breaches as a 
matter of the highest priority. 
The conclusion of a thorough assessment made by B2Holding and its independent 
professional advisors is that no data leakage by B2 Kapital d.o.o. has been 
substantiated and that there has been no leak of confidential information 
relating to clients or debtors from  the company's IT systems. Thus, B2Holding 
disagrees with the allegations in AZOP's decision. 
B2Holding remains committed to maintaining the highest data protection standards 
and to a continued open and constructive dialogue and cooperation with any 
central or local authority on compliance and regulatory affairs, including AZOP 
in Croatia.  
B2Kapital d.o.o. will appeal the decision from AZOP.  
For further information, please contact:  
Rasmus Hansson   
Head of Commercial Strategy and Investor Relations, B2Holding ASA  
Mobile: +47 952 55 842